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Towel Buying Guide

This guide has been developed to help you to choose the right towels. Here at House of Kelly we want to give you all the information so you can make an informed choice on your purchase. We talk about the material, size, colour and cotton weight in our comprehensive guide.


Choose the softest material for your towels. Fabric softener is expensive and it decreases absorbency meaning you have to buy a thicker weight towel which again costs more money when it comes to washing.

Egyptian cotton has long grown along the bank of the river Nile from a cotton plant named gossypium barbadense, a plant native to America. So, how and why did it travel to Egypt? Back in the nineteenth century, when Egypt was ruled by Muhammed Ali Pasha, the plants were taken over to Egypt as a way of supporting the army. Since then, the plants have started to become Egypt's main export.

The humid conditions along the river Nile make it the perfect place to grow the plant, it also has rich soils which help its growing conditions. Whilst the gossypium barbanense plant is also grown in its native country, it is not considered to be as luxurious as Egyptian cotton.

Egyptian cotton is known for its extra long staples, or fibres. These fibres can produce thread or yarns that are thinner than other cottons because of their longer length. This yarn is smaller in diameter yet stronger than other cottons. Smaller yarn means that more threads per square inch of material can be used to create a more luxurious fabric which is stronger, lighter in weight, yet breathes well.

Egyptian cotton products can withstand years of washing, drying and usage. This is unlike other cottons which tend to develop holes over time, needing to be replaced. A major benefit of this, other than the fact they will last longer, is that the cotton will always remain soft. When other types of cotton mixtures pill, they can become itchy and irritable to the skin, however the long thread counts of fibre in Egyptian cotton prevent this from happening.

All of our towels are made using 100% Egyptian cotton.


When buying towels some buyers make a beeline for the largest possible towel such as a jumbo bath sheet. The bigger the towel the more expensive it is to wash. Here is some maths:

200cm x 100cm jumbo bath sheet is 2 square metres and with a towel weight of 500 gsm (grams per square metre) It has a weight of 1kg.

130cm x 70cm bath towel is 0.91 square metres and with the same towel weight for comparison it has a weight of 455 grams. Over half the weight. So will cost 50% less to wash than the jumbo bath sheet.

Having said that you do need a towel that can wrap around yur body so do not go to small. We recommend as a minimum a 130cm x70cm towel as your main towel. This will allow it to be wrapped around a 38 inch chest or 38 inch waist.

House of Kelly have four different sizes to choose from:

Cotton Weight

We have already touched upon this when talking about size. GSM stands for gram per square metre. So 600 gsm towel that has an area of one square metre is 600 grams. The higher the gsm the more material is in the towel the thicker it will be and the more sumptuous and absorbent.

However it will also be more heavy meaning more expensive to wash and will take longer to dry. If the gsm is too low your towel will not be as absorbent so a compromise is required. We feel that 600 gsm is the best of both worlds.


Colour is a personal choice but there are certainly some rules you can use to ensure your towels enhance your bathroom or cloakroom.

If your suite is white and have a neutral wall covering you can use your towels to change the mood of your bathroom very easily. Using bright colours in winter can help lift the winter blues whilst a teal or green colour can help cool a bathroom in the summer. White towels always give a clean look.

If your suite is not white try and choose colours that complement each other. If your suite is cream maybe try our mocha range.

House of Kelly has 12 colours to choose from:

Why buy more than one towel?

We always recommend our customers have at least one spare towel for every towel that is in use. When your towels are being washed you will have a fresh set ready to go immediately. Having spares will also allow you to offer your guests the same matching towels for the duration of their stay.

House of Kelly have a range of bales that will be right for you.

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